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Multisport coaching

"Ryan has been instrumental in both balancing and structuring my workouts leading into my sophomore season of triathlon. He is very detail oriented; always in tune with my needs as an athlete all while providing useful feedback relating to each workout and the endless questions that I have. With my lofty goals, Ryan has surely laid the framework for what will now be a successful season."
-John C (Boston, MA)

"With no triathlon experience and coming off an injury, Ryan was able to cater a training schedule to meet my specific needs.  My improvement in each discipline has been extraordinary and leading into my first competition, my current levels of performance far exceed my original expectations.  I am confident that I will not only be able to finish with a respectable time, but that I will be competitive in my age group."
-Andy M (Denver, CO)

"Coach Ryan Borger has been a great coach for me and helped me a lot. As my first triathlon coach, he prepped me well to be ready for the OC Duathlon as well as my first Half Ironman (Vineman 70.3). At the end of the season, following his training plan I had my best race ever in the Santa Barbara Long Course Triathlon, putting out my best run ever in a triathlon."
-Kyle S (La Habra, CA)

"Thanks to Ryan Borger I was able to perform at a much higher level than I ever thought.. I went from middle to back of the pack age grouper to a front of the pack age grouper. Ryan isn't just a talented athlete but knows what he is talking about as a coach as well."
-Sean H (Redmond, WA) 10:03 Ironman & Kona qualifier

I began working with Ryan approximately 3months ago. Although I had some experience in all 3 sports prior to being coached, I was looking for direction, input, and guidance to increase my competitive edge. Like most coaches, Ryan spent time gauging my fitness level through various field tests. Beyond my "zones," he also spent time getting to know me as a person. That was important to me in the beginning and still is today. Without that I'd simply be responding to a distant computer drone somewhere. The workouts Ryan gives me weekly are what I need right now. My racing season opens up this weekend and I feel more than prepared to compete and do as well as I can. If I ever have questions about workouts, goals, etc I can always get in touch with Ryan and get an answer. I am looking forward to the season and also my coaches' ability to be a great coach.                                                                                                     

  -Tripp H (Denver, CO) 9:40 Ironman & Kona qualifier after 13 months of starting triathlon